Betty's Healthy Hangover Buster

Happy Labor Day, readers! Here in Seattle, the weather is starting to cool and the clouds have returned after what felt like a very LONG and very HOT summer.

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Speaking of new content--

Hold on to your butts, Beta Testers, it's about to get so damn AUTUMNAL up in here-- As you all know, Fall is my all time favorite time of year which culminates in my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Consider yourselves warned.

Autumn at Greenlake, via taken by Bill Baker

Autumn at Greenlake, via taken by Bill Baker

As for today's post, I think we've all been in this situation...

But then the next day...

But NEVER FEAR! I have some easy, healthy recipes that will bust that hangover and save you from a greasy food induced mid-afternoon coma. You've got shit to do and ain't nobody got time for an all day hangover. 

Betty's Hangover Buster

Mushroom Scramble

Eggs have tons of protein and fats that help absorb the alcohol still swimming around in your body and mushrooms are full of vitamin B and antioxidants which help you detox from your bacchanal. Also giving your body the calories to repair and gives a slightly touchy tummy something to hold on to. 

  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Any other veggies you have (opt)
  • 1tbs milk, s&p (opt)

Whisk 2-3 eggs with a dash of milk, s&p (opt). If you'r an onion person, sauté 1/4c diced onion and sliced mushrooms over medium heat in an oiled skillet for approx. 3 minutes. Reduce the heat and add the eggy goodness. Use a spatula or wood spoon to shove everything around until the eggs are firm and matte (less if you are a runny-egg loving savage). Consume, and be healed.  

Honey Elvis Toast

Can't quite face eggs or turning on the stove? No problem. Honey and bananas are not only full of potassium and antioxidants, they're also a natural sugar to help you replenish the sugars you lost. Honey can also help soothe a croaky throat stirred into some tea. The toast helps to settle the stomach and the peanut butter gives you some easy to digest protein. 

  • Whole wheat toast
  • 2tbs peanut butter
  • 1 medium banana
  • Drizzle of honey

Toast 1-2pcs of bread and slather with peanut butter. Cut the banana into rounds or slices and lay on top of peanut butter, drizzle with honey. A little less hangover, a little more awesome.

Beverage Flight

When you drink alcohol, your body gets super dehydrated which is part of what causes the raging hangover. You can reduce the hangover by drinking plenty of water while you're out on the town, but the next day you also need to hydrate. My go-to is a flight of water (flat or sparkling, with a little lemon), the perfect cup of black tea and super-hydrator of your choice. Water is an obvious choice, and the sparking will help calm your tummy and the lemon assists in replenishing electrolytes. I recommend tea over coffee for your caffeine fix (it won't help your hangover to also have caffeine withdrawal) because it's gentler on the stomach and less dehydrating. As far as a super-hydrator, you can take your pick! Coconut water, Gatorade, Pedialyte, fruit juice... whatever you're partial to. These drinks hydrate and replenish electrolytes which will help with the headache and the "I think I got hit by a bus" feeling. 

  • A big ol' glass of sparkling water with 2 lemon wheels
  • My perfect cup of tea is PG TIps steeped 3-4 minutes in just-below-boiling water with a bit of half and half (bliss)
  • Small glass of your super-hydrator of choice. Consider cutting it with regular water if your choice has a ton of sugar to keep you from the dreaded mid-day sugar crash.

Remember to hydrate hydrate hydrate and you do have to eat-- especially if you're going to take painkillers for the headache. So get out there, you party animals and remember these tips so you can be back to doin what you do in no time.

There you have it beta-testers! Have some tried-and-true hangover cures of your own? Let me know in the comments. Stay up to date with Betty HQ by following me on social media and using #bettybetatester. Keep those suggestions coming! xoxo--