Let There Be Summer Scones!

Bonne soirée, readers! Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend... full of lazy mornings and charming afternoons with friends (and perhaps a beverage or two). 

Last week I had quite a hankering for scones so I set to some serious baking. I love using my mom's farmhouse bowl for these kind of baking projects-- cathartic AND nostalgic, what more could you want?

My favorite scone recipe is this one from Joy the Baker. Her Lavender Blackberry Scones are to die for. Though I usually find the blackberries make the dough too damp and swap them for blueberries. I also added a bit of lemon zest to the dough and to the egg wash. It adds another level of perkiness that compliments the lavender. If you're not keen to roll out a sticky dough, they also make excellent drop scones, no rolling or cutting required!

I also made some Pear Jam from pears I got from some lovely friends' tree.

It's been a few weeks, so let's have some...

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