Deck Decor Re-do on a Budget: Part 1

Happy hump day readers! This week's DIY is part one of my Deck Decor Redo-- my low-budget answer to all the cute pictures in magazines and on Pinterest of adorable outdoor spaces. 

1. Step one was finding the right furniture, which was an extended process of Craigslist trolling and sticking to a solid budget of under $100 for two chairs and a small table. I was hoping to find wicker that was a good price with the cane in good condition. 

2. Once I found the right chairs, negotiated the right price ($75), and wedged them into my Toyota Corolla (not easy), it was time to pick a color. I went with a soft warm yellow spray paint made by Rust-oleum. I felt the color would be bright without being overpowering and would compliment lots of other colors. And how often do you get to paint in REALLY perky colors? I mean really. Make sure to choose one that works for outdoors and is meant to adhere to the kind of surface you chose. I used four cans for the two chairs and one table, which was more than I thought, but the cans are only $4 each (at Home Depot) so that was okay by me.

3. Then get to painting! As with all spray painting, you want a well ventilated space like a garage or driveway and to cover all the nearby surfaces. Spray paint travels so just assume it will get on anything in the general vicinity. 

4. Start with the bottom and use light layers, spraying 6"-10" from the surface. It is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. Look at each part from lots of angles, especially if you are using a light color as it can be hard to tell where you've covered. 

5. Let the bottom dry (time per can recommendation) and then flip everything over and paint the top side.

6. Allow the paint to cure at least 24 hours, more if it is humid. And ta-dah! A beautiful outdoor furniture set that cost you $100!

The cushions were $15 each (50% off at Cost Plus World Market) and I splurged on the pillows, spending $25 on the stripe and $40 on the rainbow petals both from Dot and Bo. More than I would usually spend but LOOK AT THEM.

All in all, a pretty good project coming in at under $200 total!

Hope you enjoyed this mid-week DIY-- more from this series is coming soon so I hope you'll come back for more budget-friendly projects and inspiration. Have a project you'd like to share? Burning DIY questions? Hit me up on the social media and use #bettybetatester to show of your DIY skills! xo