Summer Succulents

Welcome back, Beta Testers! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to not only be done with spring quarter, but also the PNB season is done! Three cheers for only one job and being done with school 'til fall! 

So let's dive into a little mid-week DIY, shall we? As I think you might have noticed, I love plants and having bits of green life in the house makes me heart happy. However,  I am plagued by forgetting to water said indoor plants and have frequently killed them (don't be like me). SOLUTION: succulents. Not to get all pinteresty on you, but succulents are adorable and are a great way to get more green inside and out.

Replanting Succulents

  • Make sure you have a plant that is appropriate for where you intend to have it. Indoor succulents don't do well outdoors and outdoor varieties are often less happy indoors. 
  • A container for your new friend. When it comes to selecting a container, expect the unexpected! Use an old tea tin, mug or jar. Anything will do! 
  • Washed gravel to promote good drainage
  • A bit of extra potting soil, loam or sand is preferable. You can also sometimes find "succulent" soil blends which you could also use.

As with all other planting, you'll want to shuffle the roots around and pack the new soil around it. Usually, you would want to water well after replanting anything, but in this case just give it a light mist with a spray bottle. 

E voile! Easy peasy and adds a delightful pop of green to any room. 

Hope you enjoyed this quickie project and I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled projects soon! In the meantime, keep up with me on social media and share your DIY questions, flops and successes with #bettybetatester or in the comments below! xo