Mother's Day Sunday Wrap-up

Welcome to Sunday and Happy Mother's day to all the hot mamas out there! My mom is a pretty great lady so I feel it's only right to pay her a little tribute here. Thanks for being awesome, mama!

These Are a Few of Mom's Favorite Things

1. Books. One of the many awesome things my mom passed on to me is my love of a good story. Both of us are great lovers of books and reading so here are a few of her favorites. 

  • The Mary Russell series by Laurie R King. A continuation of the Sherlock Holmes narrative with the addition of young Mary Russell. I too, love this series and would recommend it to any Holmes fan.
  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, a first-person narrative of Dinah the only daughter of Jacob. She only gets a passing mention in the Old Testament, but this book gives her (and all the other women) a wonderfully fleshed out story.
  • The Flavia de Luce mysteries by C. Allen Bradley. A delightful series about a precocious 11-year old fascinated with chemistry and death, bicycling around a 1950's English village. 

2. A perfectly made caffe latte, only expected from a born and bred Seattleite. One sip, and there is "joy happening". 

3. And who can resist a good, clean, comfortable bed? Especially if the bedding has been hung outside on the line like her mom (my gran) used to, it's like sleeping on a cloud.

4. We both love this delicious smelling candle from Anthropologie (it's a great Mother's Day splurge, by the way).

5. My mom loves her after-dinner walks, and particularly now that she and my Dad live in Arizona, they are particularly fond of their sunset walks. 

Gems of the Internet

A horrifyingly awesome tumblr that turns celebrities into gingers. Makes me a little happy and also a little upset.

Some fab feminist Mother's Day gifts courtesy of Stuff Mom Never Told You. If you're not already following them on every social media, listening to their podcast and watching the youtube videos... you'd better get started.

Frida Kahlo's personal possessions have recnetly been located and are being photographed, giving a fascinating look into her inner life. Also a charming and compassionate letter she wrote to Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Aaaaaand for good measure, let's just all take a walk down memory lane while we (the nation, the world) talk about civic unrest, shall we?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you can't get enough Betty, be sure to connect with me on social media and keep me up to date with your projects & ask your questions in the comments or with #bettybetatester! xo-