Sunday Sun and Pretty Paper Flowers

Welcome, Sunday! It's another beautiful spring day in Seattle, and I am inspired to make some paper flowers for this year's Mother's Day card. GUYS, that's next week! Call your mom! I mean it! I am a huge flower-a-holic so anything floral can get me excited, but c'mon, these are pretty sweet. 

photo via Apartment Thearapy

photo via Apartment Thearapy

Pretty Paper Poppies

  • Various colors of tissue paper (I used yellow, light pink, pink, lavender, and purple)
  • Blank cards (I used what I had lying around, so if you don't have cards... no sweat! Make a card out of construction paper! Whatever suits your time and budget)
  • Clear-dry craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Start with the center:

1. Cut an approximately 2"x7" rectangle from the yellow tissue, fold in half lengthwise, and fringe the non-folded edge. 

2. Fold/scrunch your fringy strip in widthwise several times until you have a little center. Dab some glue onto your card and squish the folded side onto the glue.


Now for the petals:

1. Cut 2"-3" wide strips of tissue in the colors you'd like for your petals and make 2" wide accordion-folds along the length of the strip. Cut out your petals in whatever shape you'd like. I used the free template download on, but you can do whatever you want! I do recommend doing two sizes though so you can get some dimension on your flower.

2. Layering two petals of the same size, pleat them in a little at the middle to get a concave shape and glue around your center. Repeat four more times with this size and then with the smaller size.

Remember that while the glue is still wet, you can move your petals around so there is a pretty wide margin for success with this project! Make it your own and you'll be surprised what you come up with.

Here are some other links to utterly AMAZING paper flowers I found while researching this week:

This one is from Bree at Capitol Romance. I can't wait to make a whole bouquet of these!

Here is another watercolor flower DIY by Liz on Love Grows Wild. Simple, but packs a punch.

If you can believe it, this one is a Fiskars DIY. I know! Actually adorable, and you don't really need to buy their punch to do it, just make a template and cut around it.

These book page paper flowers from Lena at Tiny Painter are so charming I can't stand it. I need them.

But, I gotta say, when it comes to paper flowers, the queen is Lia Griffith. All hail her unbelievable paper gardenia!

Another Lia Griffith masterpiece. Of course. 

I hope you've enjoyed my paper flower roundup in lieu of a Gems of the Internet. I promise they'll be back! 

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