DIY Stamped Brass Keychain

Happy Hump-Day, beta-testers! It's been a quick few weeks, with going on vacation, coming home from vacation, and getting ready for the end of the quarter. Whew. 

This is the time of year for change; graduations, moving house, changing jobs. What better time for a personalized keychain?? They make great housewarming, graduation and any-old-time gifts!

Stamped Brass Keychain

  • hammer

  • 6mm alpha metal stamps 

  • steel bench block (optional rubber or sand block to muffle sound)

  • 1 1/2-2" blank brass tags

  • jump ring

  • key ring

  • paper, pencil, stamp pad, scissors, masking tape

  • leather tassel (DIY coming soon!)

1. Decide what you want your tags to say and mock them up by stamping them out on paper, cut out the words and place on a traced tag. Once you've decided, tape the text in place and use for future reference.

2. Use the masking tape to tape the tag to the bench block. Use the tape to keep the letters straight on each line and the tag from shifting. 

3. Stamp your letters holding on to the stamps with your thumb and first three fingers and use your pinky for balance. Give the stamp a good whack or two with the hammer. You only have this one chance, so make it a good one!

4. Once you have your tag all stamped out, give it a good polish! Attach a jump ring, a split key ring and a cute little leather tassel. 

It's a quick project and once you get the hang of it, it will make a sweet personal touch to any gift. Pretty much all of the tools and materials can be bought on Amazon for pretty decent prices. I'm hoping to make some cute veggie garden markers with the stamps later in the summer, so keep a look-out for those!

What fun projects have you gotten up to lately? Anything you want to do but can't quite get started? Share your do's, don'ts and how the heck's with me in the comments or on social media with #bettybetatester! xo