Vintage Hack: Faux Enamel Milk Glass

It is officially spring, people. And you know what that means-- SO MANY FLOWERS. Flowers everywhere. I'm not complaining because I LOVE flowers, but the influx also begs the question--where do I put them all??

Photo by Leslie of  Splendid Rags  via  A Beautiful Mess

Photo by Leslie of Splendid Rags via A Beautiful Mess

Well, Betty has come to the rescue with a simple, budget-friendly way to get an awesome vintage look vase without spending much of your hard-earned cash or precious time.


  • dollar store vase
  • perm-enamel paint in colors of your choosing (or other enamel paint formulated for glass) 
  • perm-enamel surface conditioner (or rubbing alcohol-- they aren't technically the same but the alcohol gets the job done)
  • paint brushes and paper towels

1. First wash the vase with hot soapy water and allow it to dry completely, then condition the inner surface with the conditioner or rubbing alcohol. Again allow it to dry fully. 

2. Pour some paint into a cup and thin it a little with water. If you are mixing more than one color together to get your desired shade, make sure you pre-mix it, otherwise you'll get not-fully-blended color.

3. Once you have your desired color, pour the paint into the vase and use your paint brush to cover the entire inside of the vase. Turn it upside-down on a paper towel and allow the excess to drip out. The color will be thicker or thinner depending on how long you let it drip for. I wanted a thick coat so I left it for a few minutes. After setting it right-side up though, there was lots of dripping inside so I had to go back and touch up the drips and excess at the bottom every 10 minutes or so while it dried. 

4. If you plan to use the vase with water (not just for decoration, because these are NOT food-safe), be sure you let it fully cure. This means either baking it per the directions on the paint package, or letting it dry for 3 weeks. I chose the "let it dry for 3 weeks" option because I'm not sure how a dollar store vase would do in the oven, even at low temperatures. 

And behold! A beautiful vintage-looking vase for cheap! I do suggest picking a simple vase that doesn't have too much texture or angles as I can tell you that makes it way harder to paint the inside and achieve smooth, even coverage. As you can see, I did not do that and it was hard. Don't be like me.

Thoughts? Feelings? Love or hate it, I wanna know! What vintage-look should I hack next? If you can't get enough of my projects, keep up with me on social media and be the first to know about all the fun stuff I'm getting up to.