Updates & Five Monday Things

Good morning, lovely readers! It's Monday and while for many of us that is not a particularly welcome day, this particular Monday means I have a few updates:

1. This is my first FULL WEEK of graduate school. Last week was only a partial week and I didn't have a full work schedule but this week is the real test. I'm both pumped and also a little bit terrified. Last week was great so I can only think it will stay that way at least until mid-terms.

Suzzalo Library looking so damn collegiate 

Suzzalo Library looking so damn collegiate 

2. Speaking of school, you may have noticed less than regular posting for the last several months-- some of that is school, some new job, other life crap. You know the drill. However, I've been playing with some new formats and I have (most likely) found what's going to keep you awesome people going on great projects and me from loosing my marbles!

3. In addition to working on new post formats I'm working on an updated look! Keep your eyes peeled for that to drop sometime... soon... ish. My awesome friend Nina is helping me get that going and I can't wait for everyone to see what we come up with!


Five Things (formerly Gems of the Internet)

1. Utterly incredible long-exposure photographs of trees that seem to drip with light by Vitor Schietti.

2. Speaking of art... Fox News credited Leonardo Decaprio with painting the Mona Lisa a week ago. Shows what my art history profs know!

3. There's too much awful shit happening in the world right now but this is an amazing way to for refugee children to deal with what's going on:

4. Brilliant UW Museology alum Sarah Olivo has written a great piece on her blog Queering the Museum and it's a great read even if you aren't a museum dork.

5. I'm on a photography kick these days so here are some stunning photos by Michele Marshall capturing redheads of color. You may remember her previous series I posted on freckles. I'm totally in love.

Let me know what you think of the new shorter formats and keep up with everything I'm up to on social media! Don't forget you can donate to Betty HQ by clicking on the donate button in the About Betty tab. xo--