Budget DIY Buffy Bar Impostor

DIY Lush Buffy Bars

Confession time... I get some serious dry skin on my arms and legs when it is either super cold or super hot. To remedy this I have come to love the Lush Buffy Bar, which is a bar of Shea and Coco butter moisturizers, exfoliants and essential oils. Used in the shower, it manages to exfoliate and deep moisturize at the same time. It's pretty friggin great. 

This led me to try my hand at making them myself. The lush company publishes their ingredients list on their website, so starting there as well as a how-to on Easy Home Made. The following is my first attempt, an as always you'll get my budget breakdown and final verdict.


  • 3oz Shea butter
  • 3oz Coco butter (chopped up... this speeds melting)
  • 10-15 drops each of lavender & lemon essential oils
  • 1/4c pulverized rice
  • 1/8c crushed almonds
  • Silicone mold, I used a Wilton treat mold
  • Double boiler or glass-container-in-saucepan 
  • Kitchen scale
  • Rice/almond pulverizer

These amounts yielded 3 bars out of the size of mold I used, but it is pretty easy to increase your batch size to yield more

The Process

  1. Measure the butters & place in double boiler or saucepan of water over medium heat. I was trying to limit the cleanup so I measured directly into my pyrex and put that into the saucepan to melt. It takes a long time for coco butter to melt, so be patient. If you haven't, check out my previous posts regarding melting oils for DIY body products here and here for further tips.
  2. While the butters are melting, pulverize the exfoliants. I used my cleaned out coffee grinder. Other options are a magic bullet/other blender, food processor, or mortar and pestle.
  3. Once the butters have melted entirely, remove the double boiler or glass container to the counter. 
  4. Stir in the essential oils and the exfoliants. 
  5. Allow the mixture to stand on the counter or in the fridge until it thickens slightly, but will still pour.
  6. Pour mixture into the molds and allow to cure fully on the counter, fridge, or freezer. I stuck them in the freezer on a bread board and they cured beautifully.
  7. For further cleanup tips, see the previous DIY body product posts.
  8. To store, I wrapped them in waxed paper.

The Verdict

Ultimately, I like the way these turned out. I think in the future I would double the recipe to make use of all 6 moulds. I also would have allowed the mix to thicken more before pouring it into the moulds. As you can probably see, the exfoliants settled to one side of the bar and the other is only moisturizers. I think both increasing the amount of exfoliant as well as letting the mix thicken more would mitigate this issue. 

Budget breakdown:

The prices of the butters and oils are from Bramble Berry soap making supplies, which has high-quality products, some of the best prices and fabulous customer service. You can compare this breakdown to the price of Lush's Buffy Bars $11.95-$22.95 depending on the size. You may already have almonds and rice in your cupboards so I did not include them, but did include the price of the mold for the sake of argument (which I purchased at a crafts supply store).

Shea butter        $6.90/lb

Coco butter        $7.99/lb

Lavender EO      $13.50/2oz

Lemon EO          $4.80/2oz

Silicone mold      $7.49

This breaks down to around $2.71 per bar, leaving you with LOTS of essential oil left (approx 600 drops per ounce) and of course the mold to make all kinds of body products into eternity. 


Hope you enjoyed this how-to! You can now follow me on instagram as Katiloraine and see exclusive pics for upcoming posts. As always, use #bettybetatester to share your projects. Catch y'all on the flip!