Handmade Holiday 2012: Failing at Time Management

Ok so clearly the month of December got away from me. I had enough time to do a few projects but with work and the fact that I forgot Christmas actually does come even when I'm not ready for it... I never got around to posting them. TIME MANAGEMENT IS HARD.

And with that... I give you another addition to my series of DIY bath products. LOTION BARS! I found this recipe on a blog called Frugal by Choice thru my avid pinning on Pinterest and have adapted it for myself and added a few hints that I discovered along the way.


  • One part beeswax (I found this in a candle/soap making store in Seattle called Zenith. It was full of hippies.)
  • One part almond oil
  • One part coconut oil (both of these oils can be found at the grocery store, but it isn't totally necessary that they be food-grade)
  • A double boiler (or a large mason jar set in a saucepan of water)
  • Silicone mold
  • Optional essential oil

I wasn't sure how much of each ingredient to use in order to yield a full mold so I went for easy and started with one cup of beeswax.

I put the beeswax in my double boiler over medium heat and waited FOREVER for it to melt. This may be because it takes a while or because my stove is crappy. I also found it helps to stir the beeswax while it melts but don't remove the spoon from the wax or you'll just make a mess. Not that I know that from experience.

FINALLY it will be all melty and awesome like this. Then you will add one cup of almond oil... perhaps you have some left over from various other projects...ahem. Anywho add the cup of almond oil.

AND SQUIGGLES WILL APPEAR!! Once the squiggles are gone, add one cup of coconut oil.

At this point, everything was melting pretty quickly, so make sure you have your molds and a towel ready (hope you read this all the way through before starting). Once the coconut oil is melted, remove the top of the double boiler from the bottom and place it on a towel. 

**Don't forget to turn off the burner and remove the bottom of the double boiler from the heat** 

Now is the time to add 10 or so drops of essential oil if you are interested and give it a little stir to mix the oils. This is totally optional and I will say that I made them unscented and love the natural almondy smell they have. It is also a good option for the sensitive snowflakes among you who can't handle smelly things.

Pour the oils into the silicone mold. This was probably the most difficult part of the whole procedure, and as you can maybe see, I didn't get all of the squares filled equally. However, I will count this as a win because I didn't make a huge mess! Victory!

As you can see, the bars were already starting to set up by the time I got finished pouring all of them. Also, as it turns out, the proportions that I used (1cup of each oil) was the perfect amount to make 24 bars. Yay! 

Now to the bad news... CLEANING THE DOUBLE BOILER IS A NIGHTMARE. Apparently oil and water don't mix (turns out), and as a result, water alone does little to clean the pan. What I ended up doing was pouring in a healthy dose of dish soap and baking soda and made a paste that coated the inside of the pan. I let it set for a while and then came back at it with the scrubby side of a sponge. This was pretty effective, though it did take a couple tries to get it totally oil-free. I will say, my hands have never been more moisturized after doing dishes then after this project. So, I guess that's a plus to the whole 'clean some waxy oil out of your double boiler' thing.

Anywho, I let the bars cool overnight and then popped them into small candy bags from JoAnn's and taped a little label to it. They made great presents for friends and co-workers and I gotta say, they moisturize like whoa. I will quote the blogger from whom I pilfered the recipe by saying "it felt like somebody rubbed baby butts all over my mitts". 

Next is a cute lavender sachet to hang in your closet or put in a drawer to keep your things smelling nice! Who doesn't like their clothes to smell nice? Probably the same people who don't like cupcakes.