Look! I Found My Soap Box

Hey, loyal reader(s)! I am recently home from being away last week in Long Beach, CA for a theatre trade show/conference...

What does this mean, you say? Well, among other things (like lots of laundry to do) it means that I am reinvigorated towards awesome crafty posts just for you! But it also means that I am realizing more and more the importance of small, community-based local economies that foster artisans and promote fair prices or trades in goods and services. For all the boring economicsy why stuff go here or here. Politics and economics are inextricably intertwined, so in order to talk about or even think about an economic revolution, we must also address the politics involved.

Unfortunately, in this season of escalatingly irritating politicians on TV, it is easy to feel disheartened about the state of our nation and the world. Despite what the politicians and pundits say, it is imperative to focus on the ACTUAL important issues facing the real people in our country and not to be distracted by the absurd crap being tossed at us, which, in my opinion are meant to throw us off the real problems. For example, the "Republican Candidates" (I use the term loosely, because HOW are these fools even in government??) and much of the US Congress making the mandated insurance coverage of birth control an actual issue. Didn't we do this a long time ago? How is any of this crap more important than the budget, ultimately providing health care or the unemployment rate? And so, my reader, I say unto you...

Ignore their bull and force politicians to talk about the real issues. Because they can't possibly be serious with these shenanigans. 

Now I'm not saying that fighting for social issues like reproductive rights, rights for LGBT people and the right to not get shot for wearing a hoodie in a gated neighborhood isn't EXTREMELY important. Because, HELL YES you should fight for those things, descent is the cornerstone of democracy. Gimme a picket sign, and I'm there. The moment the populace stops using their right to free speech, true discourse ends, society will stagnate and democracy fails. But here's the deal, the real day to day shit -- the boring economics, transportation, another education levy crap -- that's the stuff we can't loose sight of. And all of these major social issues detract from the fact that people are out of work and can't pay their motgages. That parents and schools can't afford to feed our children healthily enough to keep KINDERGARTENERS from getting type two diabetes. Even worse, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that 62 percent of the cuts in the Republican budget (the Ryan Plan) come from programs for low-income Americans and 37 percent of the tax benefits go to the few Americans earning more than $1 million. All of which are tantamount to ruin for the future of this country as a political entity, as a nation and as for all of us as individuals. 

All of this really boils down to the need for our local communities to step up and do what the politicians are too bogged down in Washington to do. I can see it here in Seattle, and I know it's possible across the US. Create small, sustainable economies that can flourish and benefit everyone from the unemployment line to the 1%. Maybe it's a problem that can't been solved on the larger scale, that can only be tackled in our individual situations. It won't look the same in New Orleans or Brooklyn as it does here, but if it comes out of the people who live in the community, it can be successful. Like any great revolution making lasting change, it has to come from within.