Whimsical Spring Crafts

I have recently been considering expanding my items at the Ballard Farmer's Market & on Etsy to include the small fabric flowers I have been known to put on various gifts and and stick in my hair...

Which brings me to this week's crafty post! Here is a how-to for a rounded 5-petal fabric flower. There are LOTS of other types of fabric flowers out there, but this is one of my favorites.

A flower garden you won't forget to water

A flower garden you won't forget to water


  • Brightly colored fabric scrap --I like to use bold prints, and find that cotton quilting weight works best. However this is a great place to experiment with other fabrics!
  • Contrasting colored button -- I prefer flat, non-shanked buttons but feel free to try a coverable button or something else entirely!
  • Coordinating felt scrap
  • Thread
  • Hand-sewing needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • If you're making this into a hair-clip or putting it on a headband, you will also need a bit of fabric glue

**Before you get started, press your fabric if it is really wrinkly. If you skip this step, the rest will be much more difficult

First, decide how large to make your flower petals. Cut 5 squares from your fabric, I started fairly small and cut them 2.5" square

Next, fold your squares in half to create 5 little triangles

Using your thread and handsewing needle, do a small running stitch along the two short sides of each triangle, one right after the other

Pull the thread, drawing the opposite corners together to create the petal

Once you have strung all 5 onto the thread, gather the edges of each triangle towards each other, adjusting the petals to create your desired shape

Adjust the gathers and petals to make the flower and use the needle to tack the first and last petal together and tie a knot in the thread

Now position your button in the center of the flower, it should cover all the raw edges of your petals; pulling the bases of the petals inward, sew the button to create the middle of your flower (you may need to add some glue to the back of the button after you have sewn it to keep it from wobbling)

Cut the felt into a small circle, slightly larger than the button you used and sew it to the back of the flower covering the raw edges and stitching

If you are making this into a brooch, just sew the pin onto the felt. You may choose to use some fabric glue (or hot glue... if you must) here as well, but the stitching is far more reliable.

If you are making a hair clip, cut two small slits in the felt and slip your hair clip through, secure with a small dab of fabric glue, let dry and stitch in place. Similarly with a headband, slip the band through the slot in the felt and secure with a small dab of fabric glue, allow to dry and then stitch all around for added strength.

And voile! You have adorably whimsical hair or lapel jewelry! I also use these little flowers on packages or cards to snazz up a gift.

I am full of whimsy!

If you don't feel like making them yourself, just come on down to the Ballard Farmer's Market or click on my ETSY link to buy a few that I've made!