La Bella Vita, indeed!

I rarely toot my own horn on this blog but today is an exciting day in the world of my handbag line, Bagatelle!

...A little back story...

Last September I attended a business conference here in Seattle called Schoolhouse Craft. At the conference I went to a variety of small business-oriented classes, got to show off my bags a bit, met tons of amazing crafters and had a generally splendid indie crafter time. I even had the opportunity to have my etsy shop evaluated by Michelle Spaulding from the Etsy Community team. At the conference, I met a fellow crafter named Karen. Months later, in December, she emailed me asking if I would be interested in selling my bags in her shop, La Bella Vita in the Historic Black Diamond Bakery. I was, of course, so excited to hear from a Schoolhouse Craft classmate and to be invited into a shop!

After doing all the businessy stuff that you must do with contracts and inventory and pricing and whatnot, I finally dropped off my product at La Bella Vita today! The shop is full of handmade items and is supremely adorable. I can't wait to hear the feedback from her regular customers and to see if my products sell. It is very exciting to have someone (other than my mom) want to buy my pieces!

Here are a few of the products that are now available at La Bella Vita (colors will vary):


Reversible tote bag

Pleated clutch


New products are afoot and I will post pictures of them once I get it all sorted. Robot plushies, flower clips and new bags... oh my!

All of my photography was done by the incomparable Cassi Gallagher and my logo was designed by the delightful Nina Painter. They are wonderful, and I would recommend their artistic styling to pretty much everyone who has eyes.