At the Ballard Farmer's Market

First Post! Woot!

Currently, my roomie (Jessilee) and I hock our wares every Sunday at the Ballard Farmer's Market. This means that we get up at an ungodly hour on Sunday mornings, wedge a ridiculous amount of display crap into the Prius (also known as The Honey Badger on market day) and schlep down to Ballard from our house north of Greenlake. We then proceed to showboat our way through the day, whilst not loosing our toes to the cold. As crafters, we are typically not on the street with the food vendors, but instead are in a side gravel lot we lovingly call "the Annex".

Jess at our booth in the Annex

Jess at our booth in the Annex

Bit of backstory...

I'm a fiber artist, seamstress and crafter. I make (and sell ...clearly) handbags, purses, totes and accessory bags. I'm also a nerd for other crafty pursuits such as making wine glass markers from beer bottle caps and pincushions from tea cups. If that doesn't keep my hands from becoming the devil's idle plaything, surely the scrapbooking, papercrafts and knitting will. Jess crochets delightful hats for kids (and adults who don't want to grow up) that are FULL OF WHIMSY. In addition to other yarnish crafties. She has thus far refused to join the rest of us in the 21st Century and get her stuff online. But we persevere.

We met in college, parted ways for a few years after graduation and now live together (with two other ladies). Now, I know what you're thinking; what the hell was I thinking moving in with 3 other women?? It has, however, gone surprisingly well.

...Meanwhile...back on the point...

We are relegated to the Annex, and have all decided to stay in the gravel and not try to get out on the street in order to maintain our presence. Ya know, to keep people coming back and buying our stuff.  So the next time you're down at the market picking up apple cider, veggies and local deliciousness; make sure you come by the annex and find us! We are currently promoting the slogan "Handmade for the Holidays" and think you should too. In a city full of awesome hand-made goodies, there's no reason not to.