Handmade Holiday: part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Handmade Holiday series! Today's how-to is a Festive Teacup Pincushion for that special sewing or quilting nut in your life. I love this type of project and have seen many of it's kind around town and the internets. I also love adding the saucer for extra storage and the steel wool to sharpen your pins. Basically, they're friggin cute, cheap to make and a quick afternoon's work -- that is definitely enough of a reason to do craft project.


  • A whimsical teacup -- chipped, broken or otherwise
  • A square of matching or coordinating fabric
  • Steel wool -- optional, though it will help to sharpen the pins each time they're put in the cushion
  • Fiber fill
  • Hot glue
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, needle & thread
I chose a delightful penguin mug and matching snow fabric

I chose a delightful penguin mug and matching snow fabric

If you have a matching saucer, glue the bottom of the cup to the saucer. It can be used by your recipient for bobbins, snips or anything they need to keep close at hand.

First, Measure the diameter of the top of your tea cup and either double or triple it, depending on how puffy you would like the cushion. Draw a circle with this diameter on the wrong side of the fabric & cut it out. I found something of the proper diameter... an excellent use of a roll of green 1/2" gaffers tape...but a ruler would do just as well.

Run a gathering stitch about 1/4 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch from edge of your circle.

If you are adding steel wool, tear some from the pad and make a flattened circle a little larger than the top of the cup. Lay it in the center of your material circle. As you start to pull up the edge to gather it, fill with fiberfill.

Fill it firmly, pull the gathers in tightly and tie off.

Line the inside lip of the cup with hot glue. Place the cushion into cup with gathered side down in the cup.

Could it BE any more festive?!

You can, of course, do it up in non-festive colors to customize it for your friend, coworker or family member. But seriously, the penguin is pretty rockin.

Aaaand that's all I've got. Actually have nothing to bitch about today. It's a Hanukah Miracle! Next time, I'm moving up to varsity-level crafting... Get ready for bottle cap wine glass charms!