Handmade Holiday: part 2

Today's project is a loose-leaf tea & honey sampler. This is a pretty easy gift that can be accomplished in  only 30 minutes. You may want to change up the type of tea to personalize the sampler for the person who will receive it. It is also perfect for teachers, bosses or other people you know well enough to give a gift but not well enough to get them something really personal. It also works not just for holidays but also for hostess, get well, going away or other small gift.

For this gift you will need:

  • Jar, mug or other reusable drink-holder
  • 3 or more types of loose-leaf tea -- many grocery stores have bulk tea sections
  • Empty tea bags -- I wanted the kind you can iron to close but couldn't find them, maybe you will!
  • 3 or more honey sticks -- preferably 3 different types to keep with the sampling
  • Embroidery thread or other colored string
  • Scrapbook paper or sticky tabs
  • Pen, scissors & stapler
  • Festive tags & wrapping of your choice

Measure approximately 2-3 tbs of the loose tea into each tea bag 

To label the tea bag cut a length of embroidery floss or string and glue a festive tag onto the end and write the type of tea on one side. Then fold the flap of the tea bag over the opposite end of the floss and staple it closed (or use an iron, per box instructions if you were lucky enough to find those)

Combine one of each type of tea and one of each type of honey with the jar or mug

Wrap another length of the string around the honey sticks and tie them to the outside of the jar. If you're using a mug, you could just tie them together and put them inside the mug with the tea packets

Now all it needs is festive wrapping and a tag! I used the same kind of embellishment as the last project. However, there are plenty of options here. If you went the mug route, maybe a cute gift bag with tissue or perhaps a cellophane bag and ribbon would put the finishing touches on your gift.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of "Keeping The Man From Keeping You Down: Holiday Edition"! Next up is bottle cap wine charms and cookies in a jar. If you have done any cool projects for the holidays (or just in general) that you'd like to share, drop me an email! I would love to hear about the projects other crafters are into these days. I get most of my ideas from various bloggers, magazines and my crafty friends; including the Tea Sampler...

This is what my example photos would look like if I worked for Better Homes & Gardens [than yours]. There are some awesome ideas & some great visuals in that magazine, but it really does make me feel like a bad woman some times. Because when the hell do I have time to do all that shit?? Well, I don't, but I still believe whimsical crafty fun is within the grasp of absurdly busy people.

Don't forget to email your favorite holiday (or otherwise) crafty project to me at thecuriousdressmaker@gmail.com!