I'm Kate, a Seattle native working by day on my MA in Museum Studies & paying the bills at a regional ballet company. By night, however, I'm an absorber of all things DIY, local, and awesome. I find home decor, craft projects, recipes, and style hints and test them out. Then I give you the real deal on what sucks and what works, what's worth doing and what to skip. Sometimes I post about art, feminism, and politics. I also design and create a line of bags called Bagatelle sometimes available on Etsy (when I've got time-- I'm a busy bee).

Ever wanted to know if those crazy cool projects on Pinterest are as good as they look? Wonder if you can be the envy of everyone at the next dinner party? Well good thing you're here because I'm breaking it all down. I take one for the team and test out those projects, compare the how-to's and round up all the best ones just for you. I also introduce you to some amazing artists and show you some of the street style going on in the PNW.

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